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Infinite By Y Ji Oy N Ling Qi Spiritpact Anime Opening Lyric Video

Download Infinite By Yú Jiāoyán/无限大 [灵契 (Ling Qi)/Spiritpact Anime Opening] [《灵契》片头曲] Lyric Video/歌词.mp3

Hope you enjoyed! Chinese is not my native language, so if there are any mistakes in translation, I apologize for it. Thank you for understanding!
If you have any requests, feel free to leave a comment below to let me know!
Song: Infinite by Yú Jiāoyán [From the anime 灵 契 (Ling Qi)/Soul Contract/Spiritpact] ( )
Chinese lyrics from: %E6%97%A0%E9%99%90%E5%A4%A7/19940027
Pinyin from: %E9%B1%BC%E6%A4%92%E7%9B%90-wu-xian-da-%E6%97%A0%E9%99%90%E5%A4%A7-karaoke-lyrics/100939187_2161135/arrangement
Video clips from the second trailer:

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